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Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.
Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.

Gaslands Weapon Token Expansion Set, Multi-Colored (15)

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  • (15)  Multi-Colored Gaslands Weapon Token Expansion Set
    • This set includes:
      • Fluorescent Pink
      • (1) BFG Ammo Token
      • (3) Homing Missiles Ammo Tokens
    • Fluorescent Yellow
    • (1) Death Ray Ammo Token
    • (1) Grav Gun Ammo Token
    • (1) Hypno Ray Ammo Token
  • Fluorescent Green
    • (3) RC Car Bombs Ammo Tokens
    • (2) Sentry Guns Ammo Tokens
    • (3) Wreck Lobbers Ammo Tokens


  • Upgrade from your cardboard or paper tokens to our laser-cut acrylic tokens.
  • Original designs from the game publishers and designer - LITKO is a friend of GASLANDS.
  • Expand your ammo collection and equip more cars with the same weaponry and explosive paraphernalia. Arm your vehicle with extra firepower! Each token represents one load, fuel, or ammo used during the game. Place all the tokens of a weapon on your car sheet, then remove them as you use up your ammo. Each weapon has a specific ammo amount at the start of the game. Track each weapon's ammo with token stacks. Remove as you use your ammo.
  • Laser-cut and engraved from durable acrylic. Not 3D printed or injection-molded. No sprues to cut away, no flash. Same size every time. Smooth laser-cut edges have no burrs like injection-molded parts.
  • See all tokens compatible with Gaslands

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*Compatible with the Gaslands  miniatures game by Osprey Publishing. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products. Original designs by Osprey Publishing and designer Mike Hutchinson. LITKO Game Accessories is a friend of Gaslands  .