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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!

Custom Made Game Tokens & Markers

Great games have great components. But sometimes you don't get the best components in the game box. Thankfully, LITKO has a few options for creating custom upgrade game tokens. We'll go from simplest to most complex.

What Makes a Great Game Token?

Custom wargame boardgame token

The purpose of a game token is to indicate something. At a glance (oftentimes from across a crowded gaming table) you need to be able to identify what the token indicates and be able to take action on it.
If a token cannot be identified and acted upon easily, it's not doing its job.


Three elements of a useful game token...

  1. A shape that helps identify its purpose
  2. A color that is either indicative of its purpose, or identifies a specific player
  3. Failing simple identification using shape and color, a good token has text that clearly identify's the tokens purpose


BaseMaker allows you an easy way to create custom miniature bases. BUT... it can also be used to create simple tokens and chits.

25mm Black Tokens using LITKO BaseMakerSay you need a bunch (100+) of a simple counting chit... a small black circle that you use to keep track of currency. Using BaseMaker you don't get text or anything fancy on the chit, but you do get a bunch of them very affordably!

You can choose the shape (circle, rectangle, etc...), color (over 25 options) and get packs of 10, 25, 50 or 100.

Pictured at left / above are 25mm round tokens made from our 1/8th inch thick opaque black acrylic. They can be stacked, left in a counting jar on your game table, or simply used as markers to designate locations for coal, oil, etc.

Personalized Tokens

We have a number of themed sets that allow you to create a set of ten identical tokens with options for color, text and shape.

Our Personalized Tokens are great when you need a small amount of tokens that have text on them to indicate their purpose.

The shape options are beyond what BaseMaker can do and helps you identify the token from a distance.

Number Sequence Tokens

Need sequential tokens for identifying objectives, quests, or potential unit locations?

Similar to our Basic Shapes above, you can choose the shape, color, and in this case... the number sequence (1-10, 11-20, 21-30).


Found a great game, it really needs tokens, but nobody makes a token set for it? LITKO's Custom20 allows you to make a set of up to 20 different tokens... that's right... 20 unique tokens. You can different colors, shapes and text on each one.

Great for gamer groups where you want to ID things for specific members, or for game designers looking for prototypes while you test your game.

Large Size Tokens

Make an identical set of ten tokens in a larger 25mm (1 inch) size compared to the 19mm (Penny size) tokens of the Custom20, and Basic Shapes options. 15 shapes, and over 19 colors to choose from with up to 12 characters of etched text on 3 lines.

These tokens tend to fit in better with games based on 1 inch grids like D&D and Pathfinder.


The LITKO MarkerMaker allows you to create a custom-designed set of 10 stand-up markers using whatever combination of shapes, colors, and text (12 Characters) you want!

Whether you just bought a game and wanted to get a custom marker, or pawn, set made for it... or you just designed a game and need a way to make a prototype set... the LITKO's MarkerMaker fits the bill!

Use as pawns, markers or indicators. Our MarkerMaker stand-up markers are useful for a variety of games, are easy to pick up, and are made to your specifications. All shapes average 20mm in size and are made from 3mm thick material.

Unique & Complex Designs

LITKO does a lot of custom work for our customers. For intricate, unique designs we ask that you contact our designer, Jim Hartman, at (or use our contact form). Jim will create a design and send you a price quote with a link for you to easily order.