70mm Circular HD Flight Stand Kit Compatible with SW: Legion, 3mm Clear

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by LITKO Game Accessories

(1) 3mm Clear 70mm Circular HD Flight Stand Kit Compatible with SW: Legion

Upgrade your flight stands with our crystal clear acrylic flight stands.  The 70mm notched circular flight stands match the size and shape of the official bases. Each base features front and rear notches to be used with the movement tools included with the game. Four divots are cut along the edge with a center peg to show the various fire arcs and lines of sight for the mounted models.

This kit features heavy duty 1/4” (5mm) thick pegs, and are compatible with all our HD peg accessories. The 3mm bases are perfect if you want transparency and the ability to pick up the model from the base.

Included in this kit are three different sizes of pegs

  • 1-inch pegs for hover vehicles
  • 2-inch pegs for low flying vehicles
  • 4-inch for high flying vehicles.

Glue the peg toppers to your models. This allows you to easily place and remove the models from the pegs.

Requires glue to mount your miniatures. We recommend our Craftics #33 cement for all our acrylic parts.

*LITKO Circular Notched Flight Stands are compatible with SW: Legion Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. and they do not endorse these products. 

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