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BTECH, Practical Line of Sight Marker Set, Transparent Light Blue (4)

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(4) Transparent Light Blue BTECH, Practical Line of Sight Marker Set

Compatible with the Battletech miniatures game system* Accurately gauge the visible percentage of your mechs with these line of sight gauges. Simply place in front of the target and see if what section of the target is visible.

Great if you like to play smaller more detailed encounters.


  • (1) Protomech size
  • (1) Infantry / Vehicle size
  • (1) Mech size
  • (1) Superheavy size

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*Compatible with the Battletech miniatures game by Catalyst Game Labs under license from TOPPS Company, Inc.  LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Catalyst Game Labs or TOPPS Company, Inc. and they do not endorse these products.