Dragon Wing Maneuver Gauge Set, Clear (13)

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by LITKO Game Accessories

(13) Dragon Wing Maneuver Gauge Set

Compatible with D&D: Attack Wing, by WizKids*

Upgrade your cardstock gauges with this clear acrylic set


  • (1) 1-speed ruler
  • (1) 2-speed ruler
  • (1) 3-speed ruler
  • (1) 4-speed ruler
  • (1) 5-speed ruler
  • (1) 6-speed ruler
  • (1) 1-speed bank
  • (1) 2-speed bank
  • (1) 3-speed bank
  • (1) 4-speed bank
  • (1) 1-speed turn
  • (1) 2-speed turn
  • (1) 3-speed turn

Note: We pride ourselves on the accuracy and precision finish of our laser cut components. We designed these gauges to match the gauges supplied with our copy of the game. Due to manufacturing variances, the cardboard gauges can vary slightly between production batches. Due to this fact, not all gauges will be a perfect match to all games available now or as reprints are made.

    *LITKO Dragon Wing Maneuver Gauge Set, is compatible with the D&D: Attack Wing board game by NECA/WizKids LLC., LITKO Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with NECA/WizKids LLC. and they do not endorse these products.

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