LITKO 40mm Deluxe Flight Stands Compatible with Firestrom Armada, 2-inch Peg (3)

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(3) Firestorm Armada* compatible Deluxe Flight Stands includes

Compatible with the Firestorm Armada rules published by Warcradle Studios* Official sized flight stands for your Firestorm Armada* model ships.

The base features cutouts for tracking the main conditions of your ships throughout the game. This makes it easier and faster to move your ships without the trail of tokens behind it.

These cutouts are compatible with the Hull, Assault and Crew tokens from the LITKO Firestorm Armada token sets TS151 and TS446. Sold separately.


  • (3) 2-inch pegs
  • (3) 40mm square flight bases
  • (3) deluxe flight base topper

  • Requires assembly. See assembly diagram for details. We recommend Craftics #33 acrylic cement for all of our multipart products.

    *This LITKO flight stand was designed for the Firestorm Armada rules by Spartan Games. LITKO Game Accessories is affiliated with Spartan Games and they endorse these products.