LITKO Adventure Token Set compatible with the Savage Worlds Game System, Multi-Color (40)

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(40) Multi-Color Adventure Token Set

Compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game rules.*

Savage Worlds™ is the award-winning, fast, furious, and fun role-playing game of exploration and adventure. This LITKO® Token Set allows you to focus on the action and improves playability.

The latest version of the rules adds new options for players and GM's. Track many new conditions and effects with the help of handy acrylic tokens.

This token set expands upon the LITKO Official Token Set.


  • (5) Distracted Tokens in fluorescent orange.
    • The character subtracts 2 from all Trait rolls until the end of the current turn.
  • (5) Vulnerable Tokens in fluorescent amber.
    • Actions against this character are made with a +2 until the end of the turn.
  • (5) Entangled Tokens in translucent green.
    • The character cannot move and also counts as Distracted as long as they are Entangled.
  • (5) Bound Tokens in transparent bronze.
    • The character cannot move; is Distracted and Vulnerable as long as they remain Bound.
  • (5) Exhausted Tokens in fluorescent blue.
    • The character subtracts 2 from all Trait rolls. If the character is affected by one more Fatigue, then they are Incapacitated.
  • (5) Conviction Tokens in transparent yellow.
    • Conviction is a special reward given to the character when they succeed with a great victory or spectacular failure. Spend the token to gain an additional D6 to a Trait or Damage result.
  • (5) Incapacitation Tokens in black.
    • Incapacitated characters cannot perform actions, but are still dealt cards in case they recover.
  • (5) Stunned Tokens in fluorescent yellow.
    • Stunned characters count as Distracted, fall prone, and can't take any actions until recovered.

*This LITKO® Token Set is compatible with the Savage Worlds™ Adventure Edition rules by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Savage Worlds™ is a trademark of Pinnacle Entertainment group.