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LITKO Condition Token Set Compatible with 5th Edition Multi-Color (16)

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(16) Character condition tokens compatible with 5E in black, purple, and red.

Compatible with the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules.*

Track the current condition of your characters with this versatile token set. These tokens feature unique pointed circle shape and key colors for each type of condition. The token designs have icons and text to help distinguish them from each other and are identifiable on the tabletop. This one player set will help you track your character during the game.

This set includes:


  • (1) Blinded Token 
    • Blinded characters fail sight checks; attack rolls are at a disadvantage giving enemies an advantage
  • (1) Fright Token 
    • Frightened characters have a disadvantage on all checks and attacks when within line of sight of the source.
  • (1) Grappled Token 
    • Grappled character’s speed is now 0; the grapple can be broken if the grappler is incapacitated or no longer in range of the grappled character.
  • (1) Invisible Token 
    • Invisible characters can only be discovered by sound. Invisible characters have an advantage when attacking, and defenders are at a disadvantage.
  • (1) Petrified Token 
    • Petrified characters have been turned to stone and are also considered incapacitated and paralyzed. Enemies have an advantage when attacking, but the character has resistance to all damage and immune to poison and disease while prettified.
  • (1) Prone Token 
    • Prone characters can only crawl and are at a disadvantage when attacking. Attacking enemies have a disadvantage if they are more than 5 feet away and an advantage if less than 5 feet away.


  • (1) Charmed Token
    • Charmed characters cannot target the charmer; the charmer has an advantage for all checks and attacks against character.
  • (1) Deafened Tokens
    • Deafened characters fail hearing checks.
  • (1) Paralyzed Token
    • A paralyzed character is also considered incapacitated; strength and dexterity checks fail. Enemies have an advantage when attacking and score critical hits when within 5 feet.
  • (1) Poisoned Token
    • Poisoned characters have a disadvantage on all checks and attacks.
  • (1) Slowed Token in purple
    • Slowed character's movement is halved.


  • (1) Stunned Token
    • Stunned characters are also considered incapacitated, and speed is now 0. All strength and dexterity checks fail; enemy attacks have an advantage.
  • (1) Surprised Token
    • Surprised characters cannot take any actions on the first turn of combat; they can only react at the end of the shift.
  • (1) Unconscious Token
    • Unconscious characters are also considered incapacitated. Characters fall prone and drop all equipment. Enemy attacks have an advantage; enemy attacks are critical hits if within 5 feet.
  • (1) Restrained Token
    • Restrained character's speed is now 0 and has a disadvantage on all dexterity checks. Enemies attacks’ have advantages, and the character attacks with disadvantage.
  • (1) Incapacitated Token
    • Incapacitated characters cannot take any action or reaction.

*Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition game by Wizards of the Coast LLC. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast LLC, and they do not endorse this product.