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Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.
Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.

LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Arkham 3rd Edition, Multi-Colored (150)

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(150) Multi-Colored LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Arkham 3rd Edition

Compatible with Arkham Horror® 3rd Edition Board Game.*

Upgrade from your flimsy paper and cardboard bits to these stunning acrylic tokens. These durable tokens will stand out on your board and are easy to pick up and handle. This set can accommodate up to 4 players with action and status tokens used during play. Inspired by the original game and the history of the Cthulhu ethos, our goal was to create artwork that evokes the period and horror of the game. From clue, doom, and remnant tokens to anomaly map tokens, each features shapes, colors, and design elements to enrich your gameplay.


Translucent Green

  • (20) Clue Tokens - Clues are objectives your investigators collect during the game. As you gather these, fill in the clues on the scenario page with the research action to make progress toward solving that scenario's mystery.

Translucent Red

  • (20) Doom Tokens - Doom tokens represent the eldritch enemies working against you. Investigators can remove doom tokens using award action. This keeps the doom in check because if the doom spreads and takes over the board, the game is lost.
  • (14) 1-Health Tokens - Track your investigators accumulating damage and healing with health tokens.
  • (6) 3-health Tokens - Represent 3-health when tracking damage and healing.

Translucent Blue

  • (14) 1-Sanity Tokens - As investigators suffer from the horror they accumulate sanity tokens up to the max value of the character. Once a character has suffered their max sanity they are defeated.
  • (6) 3-Sanity Tokens - Represents 3-sanity when tracking total sanity accumulated.


  • (20) Remnant Tokens - Remnants represent the occult materials or body parts of slain monsters. These can be exchanged for money or used to aid casting arcane spells.


  • (5) Anomaly Tokens - Anomaly tokens represent strange events that occur on the map during the game. Anomaly events coincide with the drawing of anomaly cards for the specific event. Anomalies affect an entire map location and are placed over the name of the site.
  • (4) Influence Focus +1 Tokens - Add +1 to your influence skill checks during the game.
  • (4) Lore Focus +1 Tokens - Add +1 to your lore skill checks during the game.
  • (4) Observation Focus +1 Tokens - Add +1 to your observation skill checks during the game.
  • (4) Strength Focus +1 Tokens - Add +1 to your strength skill checks during the game.
  • (4) Will Focus +1 Tokens -Add +1 to your will skill checks during the game.

Translucent Bronze

  • (20) 1-Dollar Tokens -Gain money with the gathering resources action. Money can be traded with other investigators as part of the trade action. Money can be used to purchase items in certain places on the map.
  • (5) 5 Dollar Tokens - Represents 3-money when tracking total money.

*Compatible with Arkham Horror games by Fantasy Flight. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. and they do not endorse these products.