LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Black Ops, Multi-Color (50)

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(50) Multi-Color LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Black Ops

Compatible with the Black Ops game rules by Osprey Publishing.*

Track the statuses of your special forces combat battles with these 18mm circular laser-cut acrylic tokens. The small size allows you to keep the clutter to a minimum while still being able to identify the effects. This set is for a 2 player game of between 10-20 models.


  • (20) Noise Tokens in translucent blue.
    • Offensive actions and reactions can cause noise that will tip off your location. The more noise tokens a model has makes it more likely an enemy will spot them.
  • (7) Reserve Action Tokens in transparent bronze.
    • Models on reserve do not move or shoot in their activation, they wait and react to enemy units which appear in the line of sight during the opposing players turn.
  • (7) Hidden Tokens in clear.
    • Hidden models cannot be shot at directly. Only indirect and suppressing fire can be used against hidden models.
  • (6) Disguised Tokens in fluorescent green.
    • Models that are dressed to blend in with the crowd are marked as disguised until discovered or revealed.
  • (6) Suppression Tokens in fluorescent orange.
    • Suppressive fire is a good way to pin down enemy models so they cannot move.
  • (4) Running Tokens in translucent red.
    • Running allows a model to cover more ground but makes them easier to locate and raise enemy awareness.

*Compatible with Black Ops miniatures game by Osprey Publishing, LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products.