LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with In Her Majesty's Name, Multi-color (50)

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(50) Multi-Color LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with In Her Majesty's Name, Multi-color 

Compatible with the In Her Majesty's Name game rules by Osprey Publishing.*

Go on an adventure in the Victorian Age before the turn of the century — explore the wild jungles, deserts, and the Arctic to the dark forests and cities in this turbulent time. This LITKO token set gives you all the Essential game tokens to track important conditions during play


Fluorescent Green

  • (12) 3-Inch Move Tokens
    • Models that have moved at least 3 inches are at a disadvantage when shooting, but are harder to hit.
  • Poisoned Tokens
    • Successful attacks poison models. Poisoned models suffer -2 to their Pluck roll.  The pluck penalty only applies to the pluck roll to resist the effects of the poisoned attack, not any subsequent ones.

     Translucent Grey

    • (5) Vehicle Landed Tokens
      • Some vehicles in the game can fly. When a vehicle is damaged and can no longer fly or lands to disembark or take on passengers, mark the vehicles as landed.
    • (5) Vehicle Immobilized Tokens
      • As vehicles take damaged, they become immobilized. Immobilized vehicles can no longer move and become obstacles to the line of sight and to movement. Place a token to show that a vehicle is immobilized.

    Fluorescent Pink

    • (10) Running Tokens
      • Instead of a normal move, the model may make a run move which increases the move distance by 3 inches. Running models cannot shoot but are -2 when being shot at.

    Fluorescent Orange

    • (6) Knocked Down Tokens
      • Models that are knocked down cannot act again for the remainder of the turn, not even to defend themselves.


    • (6) Crossbow Reload Tokens
      • Crossbows are slow to reload. Mark the model which fired a crossbow, next turn they can reload and remove the marker.

    *Compatible with In Her Majesty's Name miniatures game by Osprey Publishing, LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products.