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Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.
Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.

LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Lion Rampant, Multi-color (50)

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(50) Multi-Color LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Lion Rampant

Compatible with the Lion Rampant game rules by Osprey Publishing.*

This token set includes everything needed for tracking the condition and status of your units. Designed with unique shapes and colors with


text referencing the special rules of certain conditions. These laser-cut acrylic tokens are an upgrade from the paper and cardboard tokens.


Fluorescent Green

  • (10) Rallied tokens
    • Rally your battered troops! If successful, remove Battered Tokens and replace with a Rallied Token to show they are unable to perform any other actions this turn.
  • (10) Unit Activated tokens
    • After a unit has been issued a command, it is considered activated until next turn. Place an activated marker next to each unit that has acted.

Fluorescent Pink

  • (5) Test Courage in tokens
    • As units take casualties and lose leaders, or become the last remaining troops on the battlefield, they need to take a courage test. Mark the affected units during the turn as a reminder.
  • (5) Wild Charge
    • Units with the Wild Charge rule must check each turn to see if they randomly charge the enemy. Mark the units that have charged this turn.

Translucent Red

  • (10) Unit Battered tokens
    • As a result of combat, a unit can become battered. Place a token next to the unit to show the adverse effects of being battered. Units can rally next turn to remove battered tokens.

Translucent Grey

  • (10) Half Strength tokens
    • During a battle, the unit takes casualties and once half the troops are removed, the unit plays at half strength. Units at half strength roll fewer attack dice. Place a marker to show affected units.

*Compatible with Lion Rampant miniatures game by Osprey Publishing. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products.