LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with LotR, Journeys, Multi-Color (93)

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(93) LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with LotR: Journeys, Multi-Color

Compatible with The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth board game.*

Heroes embark on adventures working together to explore and survive being overwhelmed by the evils of this fantasy world. The game is played out in a series of objectives culminating in a grand campaign. Each hero plays a role in the party and explores the map encountering allies and enemies. In the end, the players all win or lose together in their journey.

Upgrade your cardboard game tokens to bright, colorful and durable laser cut engraved acrylic. This set includes seven of the most commonly used tokens in the game. The acrylic tokens feature unique shapes, colors, icons, and titles, making them easy to identify and use during the game.

  • (15) Search Tokens in transparent bronze.
    • Place Search Tokens on the map tile to indicated places the heroes can interact. Searches can uncover items to help them with their adventure.
  • (15) Threat Tokens in translucent red. 
    • Threat Tokens are places on the map tiles in spaces where there are threats to the heroes. Heroes on the tiles can interact with the threats and find out the specific danger and can hopefully neutralize it.
  • (15) Inspiration Tokens in translucent blue.
    • Inspiration Tokens are gained during play and used to succeed in challenges during the game.
  • (15) Exploration Tokens in translucent green.
    • Unexplored tiles hold Exploration Tokens. Remove this token after exploring the space.
  • (20) Depletion Tokens in transparent yellow. 
    • Depletion Tokens are used to track the use of trinkets. Place several Depletion Tokens on the trinket card to indicate how many times it can be used before being depleted.
  • (8) Person Tokens in brown.
    • People who appear on the map are marked on the game tile with a Person Token. Players can interact with the person in the same space.
  • (5) Darkness Tokens in purple. 
    • Some areas of the map are affected by darkness; place a Darkness Tokens on the spaces indicated in the APP.

*Compatible with The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth board game by Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc., and they do not endorse these products.