Heavy Duty Flight Bases, Circular, 40mm, 3mm Clear (5)

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(5) 3mm Clear HD 40mm Circular Flight Base

This 40mm diameter flight base is compatible with our LITKO®  3/16-inch HD flight pegs. We recommend our 3-inch long heavy duty pegs for this size base. These larger diameter pegs and bases will add stability to your larger and heavier miniatures and models.

Compatible with our line of Heavy Duty Flight Peg. Sold separately. 

Need custom flight bases? Use BaseMaker, our online tool, to get just the size you need.

  • Clear so your tabletop terrain or mat shows through, but can be painted. Put the focus on your painted figures.
  • Laser cut precision. Same size every time. No warping like you can get with injection molded bases.
  • Helps the base blend into terrain.
  • Individual pieces... no sprue to cut away, no flash. Less work to base your minis!
  • Use Craftics #33 glue or other thickened acrylic cement to attach your miniatures. Do not use CA (superglue)!