LITKO Token Upgrade Set Compatible with Dune Board Game, Multi-Color (175)

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Complete game upgrade set with 174(!) acrylic tokens and 1 worm marker.

Compatible with DUNE the boardgame*

Upgrade your favorite game with cool and colorful acrylic tokens and markers. This set upgrades all the critical small components in thick translucent and transparent colored acrylic. The designs feature slightly large sizes and shapes that are easier to use during the game.

Each player has their own faction colored house and force tokens including special force and unique double-sided blue faction tokens. Track your spice pool with the upgraded spice tokens in a special octagon shape, easier to pick up and handle during play.

Clearly show the dreaded sandworm on the board with our unique 3D marker showing the beast rising from the sands. Requires assembly with glue. We recommend Craftics #33 acrylic glue for all our acrylic kits.

This set includes:

  • Multi-part worm marker in fluorescent amber with a transparent bronze base.
  • (10) 1-spice tokens in transparent yellow.
  • (10) 2-spice tokens in transparent yellow.
  • (10) 5-spice tokens in fluorescent amber.
  • (10) 10-spice tokens in fluorescent amber.
  • (20) Force tokens in fluorescent amber.
  • (20) Force tokens in translucent dark red.
  • (20) Force tokens in translucent grey.
  • (20) Force tokens in translucent green.
  • (20) Force tokens in transparent yellow.
  • (3) Special force tokens in translucent yellow.
  • (5) Special force tokens in fluorescent amber.
  • (20) Double-sided force tokens in translucent blue.
  • (6) House tokens in 6 player colors.

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*Compatible with DUNE the boardgame by Gale Force Nine. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Gale Force Nine and they do not endorse these products.