LITKO Upgrade Set for Zombicide: Prison Outbreak (66)

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(66) LITKO Upgrade Zombicide Prison Outbreak* game

Upgrade your game with cool and durable plastic tokens and stand up doors. This set includes all the basic locked, prison, and cell doors. Tokens for noise and skills, born leader and creepy looking zombie hand first player marker.


  • (1) Zombie First Player Maker in Fluorescent Green
  • (1) Born Leader Token in Gold
  • (18) Noise Tokens in Fluorescent Yellow
  • (12) Skill Bullet Tokens in Fluorescent Orange
  • (9) Locked Door Markers with Grey Neutral Bases
  • (1) Locked Door Marker with Blue Objective Base
  • (1) Locked Door Marker with Green Objective Base
  • (1) Locked Door Marker with Violet Objective Base
  • (1) Locked Door Marker with White Objective Base
  • (1) Locked Door Marker with Yellow Objective Base
  • (8) Cell Door Marker with White Base
  • (8) Cell Door Marker with Purple Base
  • (2) Prison Door Marker with Grey Neutral Base
  • (1) Prison Door with Purple Base
  • (1) Prison Door with White Base


*This product is compatible with the Zombicide game by Guillotine Games. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Guillotine Games, and they do not endorse this product.