Power Plant Resource Marker Set (84)

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(84) Power Plant Resource Markers

Track your resources with style using LITKO's plastic markers. 84 markers designed to upgrade your set of plain cubes with attractive and themed stand up markers. Compatible with the Power Grid* board game. Each marker is designed to replace a colored cube representing the resources used in the game. Each shape represents the resource, pile of coal for coal, oil drum for oil, trash can for trash and a glowing radiation symbol for uranium.


  • (24) Coal Markers in brown
  • (24) Oil Markers in black
  • (24) Trash Markers in gold
  • (12) Uranium Markers in fluorescent pink

These markers require assembly. We recommend our Craftics #33 acrylic cement for all our multi-part plastic products. See assembly image in product page.

*This product is compatible with the Power Grid board game by Rio Grande Games. LITKO Game Accessories in not affiliated with Rio Grande Games, and they do not endorse this product.