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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!

WWI Flight Token Set, Multi-Color (54)

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(54) Multi-Color WWI Flight Token Set

Take to the skies over WWI Europe for action, and adventure!  Whether you are flying a Sopwith Camel, Fokker, or Albatross - This new mega token set will help you to Upgrade Your Game!  No more fiddling with thin cardboard chits, or bendable cardboard measuring sticks.  Replace those weak components with duable and colorful 3mm thick acrylic bi-plane tokens and measuring devices for every command imaginable for WWI aerial combat.  

We have also included flame and smoke markers that attach to the original stack-able pegs to indicate in a very dramatic way when a plane has been hit and is suffering damage.

Set of 54 components that include:

  • (1) Rulers in Red and Blue
  • (8) Damage peg clips
    • (4) Smoke in translucent grey
    • (4) Flames in fluorescent amber
  • (4) jammed in red
  • (40) mission tokens 
    • (4) red
    • (12) blue
    • (24) translucent grey