LITKO Adventure Token Set compatible with Savage Worlds

Adventure Token Sets

Expand your Upgrade Set with our new Adventure Token Set.


  • (5) Distracted Tokens in fluorescent orange.
    • The character subtracts 2 from all Trait rolls until the end of the current turn.
  • (5) Vulnerable Tokens in fluorescent amber.
    • Actions against this character are made with a +2 until the end of the turn.
  • (5) Entangled Tokens in translucent green.
    • The character cannot move and also counts as Distracted as long as they are Entangled.
  • (5) Bound Tokens in transparent bronze.
    • The character cannot move; is Distracted and Vulnerable as long as they remain Bound.
  • (5) Exhausted Tokens in fluorescent blue.
    • The character subtracts 2 from all Trait rolls. If the character is affected by one more Fatigue, then they are Incapacitated.
  • (5) Conviction Tokens in transparent yellow.
    • Conviction is a special reward given to the character when they succeed with a great victory or spectacular failure. Spend the token to gain an additional D6 to a Trait or Damage result.
  • (5) Incapacitation Tokens in black.
    • Incapacitated characters cannot perform actions, but are still dealt cards in case they recover.
  • (5) Stunned Tokens in fluorescent yellow.
    • Stunned characters count as Distracted, fall prone, and can't take any actions until recovered.

Plus, expand your set with these individual packs.

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