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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
New & Improved Combat Dials

New & Improved Combat Dials

New features on our upgraded Combat Dials
  • Assembled!
    • We assemble these dials with a stardrive screw. No more fumbling with magnets or dealing with polarities.
  • Knurled Edged!
    • Easy to handle and turn. Smooth turning 360°.
  • Colored Numbers!
    • Black ink-filled numbers. Easy to read against the white background.

These dials come in a 2-pack and are available in ten colors. Match your player color, faction, or team colors.  The small size, 25mm (1-inch), allows you to place it next to miniatures on the tabletop. Chose colors to blend into the terrain or colors that stand out and really POP. Use these Combat Dials to track anything from health, casualties, turns or phases, victory points, initiatives...the list goes on and on!

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Jim Pitts - November 24, 2020

Why did you use the uncommon stardrive crew instead of the common Phillips head screw? If the dial gets either too loose or too tight over time, then one has to go out a purchase a stardriver when one most likely already has Phillips head screwdrivers in the house. Not really good sense too my thinking.

Chris Montgomery - November 24, 2020

Hey Litko – can you make customized dials? I’m curious as I would like a dial like this with 6 letters on them.

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