Gaslands Miniatures Game Weapons Tokens Set, Multi-Colored (38)

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(38) Gaslands Miniatures Game Weapons Tokens Set, Multi-Colored

Gaslands, the game of vehicular combat uses a variety of tokens during play. 

This set includes 38 specific weaponry tokens. Each token represents one load, fuel or ammo used during the game. Place all the tokens of a weapon on your car sheet, then remove as you use up your weapons. Each ammo type includes enough tokens for one of each weapon.

Translucent Green

  • (3) 125mm Cannon
  • (3) Rockets
  • (3) Mortar
  • (1) Mines

Fluorescent Orange

  • (3) Flamethrower
  • (1) Exploding Ram
  • (1) Nitro Booster
  • (5) Grenades
  • (5) Molotov Cocktails

Translucent Grey

  • (3) Oil Slick Dropper
  • (3) Caltrop
  • (1) Glue dropper
  • (3) Smoke

 Fluorescent Blue

  • (1) Thumper
  • (1) Arc Lighting Projector 
  • (1) Kinetic Super Booster 

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