Gaslands Weapon Token Expansion Set, Multi-Colored (15)

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(15)  Multi-Colored Gaslands Weapon Token Expansion Set

Gaslands, the game of vehicular combat, uses a variety of tokens during play. This token set is based on designs by the publisher of the game rules Osprey Publishing and designed by Mike Hutchinson.

This set includes 15 specific ammo tokens. Each token represents one load, fuel, or ammo use during the game. Place all the tokens of a weapon on your car sheet, then remove as you use up your ammo. Each ammo type includes enough tokens for one of each weapon. These weapons are featured in the X:2 game expansion and included in the revised second edition rule book.

This set includes:

Fluorescent Pink
  • (1) BFG Ammo Token
  • (3) Homing Missiles Ammo Tokens

Fluorescent Yellow

  • (1) Death Ray Ammo Token
  • (1) Grav Gun Ammo Token
  • (1) Hypno Ray Ammo Token

Fluorescent Green

  • (3) RC Car Bombs Ammo Tokens
  • (2) Sentry Guns Ammo Tokens
  • (3) Wreck Lobbers Ammo Tokens

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*Compatible with the Gaslands  miniatures game by Osprey Publishing. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products. Original designs by Osprey Publishing and designer Mike Hutchinson. LITKO Game Accessories is a friend of Gaslands  .