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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!

LITKO 27mm Circular Bases Compatible with SW: Legion, 3mm Clear (25)

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(25) SW: Legion 27mm Circular Bases, 3mm 

Compatible with the Star Wars, Legion miniatures war game.*

Upgrade your miniature basing with LITKO® Clear Bases. 

Add a clear sense of style to your favorite miniatures and let the ground or game board show through with our crystal clear bases.

Pick up your model by the base and protect your paint job with these 3mm thick bases. The miniatures will look like they are standing on their own. Clear bases allow you to see the ground texture; no more winter battles with desert bases!  Trim the models from the plastic base and glue to clear bases.

Available in 3 thicknesses: 1.5mm3mm, and 6mm

Requires glue to mount your miniatures. We recommend our Craftics #33 cement for all our acrylic parts.

  • Clear so your tabletop terrain or mat shows through, but can be painted. Put the focus on your painted figures.
  • Laser cut precision. Same size every time. No warping like you can get with injection molded bases.
  • Helps the base blend into terrain.
  • Individual pieces... no sprue to cut away, no flash. Less work to base your minis!
  • Use Craftics #33 glue or other thickened acrylic cement to attach your miniatures. Do not use CA (superglue)!