LITKO Flying Character Mounts

New Flying Character Mounts + Our New Customizable MegaMarker Set

Soar overhead on these majestic feathered creatures. We've added an owl, hawk, raven, and eagle to our growing line Character Mounts. Mounted on a 4-inch peg, these birds sit on a 50mm black circular base.

Also, we've created a MegaMarker set for you to create your very own set of Stand-up Markers

Choose from 50 different shapes and 28 different colors. Add text (or don't) to create your ideal set! Each marker snap-fits into a 6mm super thick circular base that is 15mm wide

Creating your own game and need a prototype? Don't like the set provided with your new game? Want something to stand out on the battlefield? MegaMarker is your answer! 

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